Criseyde at the Feminist Theory and Music Conference UNC Greensboro

"...the Feminist Theory and Music Conference 2009, hosted by the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, had an eclectic mix of poignant new music from living female composers. This concert, as well as others following throughout the week in both lecture settings and concert halls, gave the opportunity for many talented contemporary composers to have their musical voices heard... The final highlight of the program was the premier of legendary composer Alice Shields' operatic work, Criseyde, which the composer describes as a feminist reconstruction of Chaucer's tale, Troilis and Criseyde. The opera Criseyde is truly a masterful work demonstrating the musical maturity of the composer through its intricacies and depth. Orchestrated for small vocal ensemble, piano, and cello, Criseyde involves the vocalists in a moving dance with the cello, performed beautifully by the performers."

— Sabrina Young, Associated Content

American Music Center presents CAP copying grant to Criseyde

Alice Shields is the recipient of a CAP copying grant for Criseyde, presented by the American Music Center.

American Operas, Sifted and Sampled
The New York Times

"Female historical figures were also explored on Sunday [at New York City Opera's VOX festival] with Alice Shield's Criseyde, a feminist interpretation of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde. The libretto offers a rare chance to hear Middle English sung...The melodic development and ornamentation of the intense, richly scored work reflect Ms. Shields' lengthy study of classical Indian raga."


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