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The Mud Oratorio (2003) — Choreographic title, "Stirrings"

Duration 51:00


Inspired by the plants, animals, and birds of two swamps in Maryland.

Computer music for modern dance. Commissioned by Dance Alloy (Pittsburgh) and Frostburg State University (MD), with support from Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour.

Shields' electronically-manipulated voice, with sounds from two Maryland swamps maintained by the Nature Conservancy, and a local biologist's imitations of swamp-birds, frogs and toads. Libretto based on Stirring the Mud by Barbara Hurd, a collection of essays on swamps and the human imagination.

Shenandoah (2002) — Choreographic title, "In This Valley"

Duration 24:35

COMPUTER MUSIC FOR DANCE, based on oral histories of immigrants to the Shenandoah Valley.

The languages used include Wolof (from Senegal), Spanish and Mixteca (from Mexico), Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian and Ukranian, with percussion sampled from Indian and Middle Eastern music.

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Dust (2001)

Duration 30:39

COMPUTER MUSIC FOR DANCE, created in collaboration with South Indian dancers.

Composed in ragas with rhythmic patterns from traditional Indian dance-drama (Bharata Natyam). Choreographed by Mark Taylor of Pittsburgh's Dance Alloy and Anitra Ratnam of the Arangham Dance Theater.

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Invocation (1992)


Electronic music on tape for dance.

From the opera Mass for the Dead. Premiere: American Chamber Opera Company, NYC, 1993.

Dance Piece No.3 (1969)

Duration 5:46

Electronic music on tape for modern dance.

Commissioned by the Mimi Garrard Dance Theatre.

Information about the recording

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